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Relevance Studio enhances your recruitment. We revolutionize your careers page, delivering a personalized and immersive candidate experience like no other.

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What We Do

At Relevance Studio, we revolutionize recruitment. We deliver apersonalized candidate experience, precise job search functionality, and insightful analytics to drive your hiring success!

Unleashing Precision

We refine job search capabilities, connecting candidates with the perfect role swiftly and accurately.

Powering Insightful Decisions

Our robust analytics give you the data you need, enabling impactful recruitment decisions.

Driving Recruitment Innovation

We leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionize your hiring process, enhancing candidate experience like never before.


Engaging Candidates through Smart Approach

At Relevance Studio, we engage candidates through a smart, innovative approach. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and personalized strategies, we create an immersive journey that resonates with candidates, fostering meaningful connections and driving successful recruitment.

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Services We Can Help You With

At Relevance Studio, we help you revolutionize your recruitment process with personalized candidate experiences, precise search functionality, and robust analytics. Leverage our expertise to streamline your hiring and ensure recruitment success.


Big Data Analysis

We harnesses the power of big data analytics to drive your recruitment decisions. We transform complex data into actionable insights, helping you understand candidate trends and make informed, impactful hiring choices.


Content (video, photo, …)

Unlock the power of engaging, personalized content to transform your recruitment process. Through tailored videos, images, and texts, create a candidate journey that resonates, fostering meaningful connections and driving recruitment success.


Content Creation

Amplify your recruitment process with our expertise in content creation. We deliver personalized, engaging content-from tailored videos and images to compelling texts-fostering meaningful connections with candidates and driving recruitment success.



Elevate your recruitment with our advanced search bar service. Our solution offers synonym recognition and type tolerance, ensuring a precise and user-friendly search experience. Connect candidates with their ideal roles, even with varied keyword usage or minor typing errors.



Transform candidate experience with our personalized approach. By integrating geolocation and user stitching, we deliver a tailored and immersive journey. Content and opportunities are customized based on a candidate's location and behavior, creating meaningful connections, and driving recruitment success.


IT Security

Secure your recruitment process with our high-level IT security features. We prioritize the protection of your data and systems, integrating advanced security measures to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your recruitment information.


Our founder

The team at Relevance Studio is deeply committed to our clients' success. We go above and beyond to understand your unique recruitment needs and tailor our innovative solutions accordingly, ensuring a personalized and effective hiring process.


Steve Racine

CEO & Founder

Steve Racine, CEO of Relevance Studio, brings a wealth of international experience and a unique perspective to the recruitment technology industry. A native of Canada, Steve holds an MBA and has devoted his career to the intersection of IT and recruitment. His extensive work in dynamic cities like Paris, France, and Beijing, China, has instilled a global view that influences his leadership and business strategies. Steve's passion for recruitment was the catalyst for the creation of Relevance Studio, a company conceived from his personal experience and crafted with a clear purpose: built by a recruiter, for recruiters.

Steve's dedication to enhancing the recruitment process through innovative technology solutions continues to drive Relevance Studio forward, making it a trusted partner for companies worldwide.

Relevance Studio: Build by recruiters, for recruiters!

We Always Try To Understand Candidates Expectations

We place great emphasis on understanding candidate expectations. By tuning into their aspirations and needs, we can provide a tailored, meaningful recruitment journey that resonates and drives successful outcomes.


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What Clients Are Saying

Our clients consistently praise our dedication to personalized service. We go above and beyond to understand their unique needs, and tailor our innovative recruitment solutions accordingly, ensuring their satisfaction and recruitment success.


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Industries We Serve

We are dedicated to serving a diverse range of industries with our innovative recruitment solutions. Our versatile approach allows us to understand and meet the unique needs of each sector, driving recruitment success across the board.

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Capital Markets

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